The Animals used in our Adopt Local Jax Campaign were all adopted from AC&PS!

Check out their stories below!


Bailey was confiscated as a cruelty case due to sever neglect. He was very emaciated and only 24lbs when he was found. He was so scared at the shelter that he was almost labeled "unadoptable", but fortunately, his parents found out about him in the nick of time, and agreed to foster him until he was healthy and less afraid. They soon realized that they could not live without him and he officially joined their family in December of 2011. Bailey is now 80lbs of happiness and health. He enjoys snuggling, snoozing, playing with his Kong, and playing with his tiny Chihuahua sisters.  His parents say that adopting rocks because, "There is no better feeling than that of saving an animal's life. Dogs are so forgiving and love unconditionally; even those that are severely mistreated in their previous lives, don't hold grudges. Humans should aspire to live like that. I truly believe that every adopted animal knows you have given them a 2nd chance at life, and that's why I will always adopt and never shop."



Jack was a very sick kitten. His foster mother spent months nursing him back to health. She took him to work with her to insure he was fed at the prescribed times, and gave him lots of love and attention. His new dad feels that's why Jack has such a loving demeanor and passion for being held and pet. Jack was adopted by his dad, also Jack, in November 2014 once he was healthy enough to be adopted. He loves playing with his big sister, wrestling and chasing her around the house. He also loves treat time with his dad. Jack also doubles as the household 5am alarm clock, waking everyone up in the house. He feels when he is up, the whole world should be up. Jack also loves chasing crumpled up paper balls. His dad says, "We have three cats that were adopted. Each has its own personality and demeanor. Adoption is the only way we would consider owning a pet. Everyone wins; the pet and the owners."



Lucy was found on the street as a stray and ended up at AC&PS. She was older, had some health issues, and was quite nervous, so the shelter manager kept her in her office so she would be away from the noise of the shelter. Lucy's parents had just lost their dog of 15.5 years three weeks before meeting Lucy. They were at the shelter to volunteer and they weren't ready to adopt, but felt they had the room in their home to foster her for a while, so they took her home. It didn't take long for them to realize that Lucy was special and that they could provide the loving home and medical resources that she needed to be safe happy and healthy. They officially added Lucy to the family in October of 2014.  Lucy's favorite activities are sleeping, snuggling, eating, the occasional frisk across the room with her much larger Pitbull brother, and manipulating her mom and dad into giving her lots of treats. 



While volunteering at the monthly shelter adoption event, Nacho's mom spotted him sitting quietly in the last kennel. He was wearing a Florida Gators shirt and was mostly hairless as a result of Demodex, a non-contagious and curable form of mange. She couldn't believe that no one wanted to adopt him, especially since smaller dogs are always the first to get adopted. Nacho didn't end up getting adopted that day, so his mom, Alicia, took him home to foster him and help him get well. On February 15, 2014 he became a permanent part of their family. "We are so thankful that he was overlooked that day. He is such a funny little guy who makes us laugh every day and we are lucky to have him as part of our family." Nacho's favorite activities are laying in the sun, and trying to entice his sister Penny to play with him. Nacho's mom thinks adoption rocks because, "Shelters offer a wide, ever-changing selection of animals with different personalities and energy levels. Its a place where you can find the perfect pet for your family. In saving a shelter pet, you open your home and heart to a love that is never-ending."



Stella was a foster failure. After her parents lost their 12 year old Siamese, they decided they wanted to help a homeless animal, so they started fostering Stella. She quickly became part of the family, and was officially adopted on March 22nd, 2013. Stella loves all of her brothers and sisters (3 dogs and 1 other cat named Emerson) but she especially loves playing with her Doberman brother Harley (also a rescue). Her favorite game is playing with feathers. Her mom says, "Adoption rocks because you're saving a life by giving one homeless pet a forever home, but you are also opening up a space in the shelter for another homeless animal. You are also helping to put an end to pet overpopulation."



When AC&PS animal control officers found Vinnie, we was tied to a porch with a heavy log chain, starving, living in his own waste with another, smaller pup. Vinnie weighed only 34lbs and was extremely emaciated. He had purposely stopped eating in an effort to give the smaller pup a better chance at surviving on the small amount of food they were given. Both dogs were rescued and immediately put into foster care to recover. After three months of living with his foster mom, Lisa, Vinnie was made a permanent part of her home and heart on January 24th, 2012. Vinnie, happy and healthy,  loves car rides and meeting new people and dogs. His mom says, "My life changed forever the day I brought Vinnie home. Adopting a dog or a cat will save the life to that animal, and change yours as well." 



Wicket came into the shelter with a whole litter of brothers and sisters. Because they were too young to be adopted, they had to be sent out to foster care. Wicket's foster mom headed to the shelter and scooped up Wicket and her sister Sandy. While Sandy quickly grew into a healthy active pup, it became clear that something was wrong with Wicket. She would regularly go into spells of shaking, so much so that she couldn't stand up. Her foster parents rushed her to the shelter, but due to limited medical resources, their only suggestion was to put the pup to sleep. Refusing to give up on the pup, Wicket's foster parents adopted her that day, and took her to a specialist for more testing. In the end, a blood infection, cured by a good dose of antibiotics, got Wicket back on track to being a happy healthy pup. In December of 2010 Wicket went to live with her new Dad. She loves shaking hands, playing chase, and running into the ocean. Her dad says, "Adoption is awesome because I made a difference in this animal's life and she feels the same way. We've got a forever friendship. I love my lil Wicket. " 



Walter and his sister Lucy were rescued from an animal hoarder's home. There were dozens of cats and over 20 other dogs living in the home with them. Walter and Lucy were only 4 weeks old when they were taken into custody by AC&PS, and put into foster care. While is foster care, Walter and Lucy's soon to be parents found out about them, and went to see them. They instantly fell in love and were allowed to finish out their "foster-time" with their new parents. They were officially adopted on February 7, 2011. Walter's favorite activities are basking in the sun and chasing his tail. He's not a big fan of squeaky toys, but loves his toy pig that makes a low-grunting noise. Walter also loves to smile and make people laugh. His parents say, "Adoption rocks because if helped us find our perfect little furbabies that bring us so much love and happiness every single day. Every dog deserves love and these shelter pups want so much to give their love to you. There are so many animals at your local shelter that just want to shower you with their love. The rewards that come from owning a pet are beyond measure, just go see all the pups, you'll fall in love."



Casanova, along with his 4 siblings were in foster care for weeks until they gained enough weight to be ready for adoptions. When the day finally came, Casanova watched as two of his siblings were quickly adopted. Sadly, Casanova, his brother Cupid, and his sister Amore were not adopted at the off-site adoption event. His foster mom sadly loaded the kittens back into their carrier and prepared to take them back to the shelter. On the way in the door, she met a family looking for two new kittens. The daughter met and loved Cupid, the mother fell in love with Amore, and the father's heart melted for Casanova. In the end, all three kittens were adopted to the family, and will continue to live our their lives together. Fosters not only save lives through providing a home for underage or sick animals, they also serve as advocates for their fosters and play a large role in finding adoptive homes.


Kitten Doe

This little kitten has no name, well, she has a name now because she was adopted to a loving family thanks to the help of all the volunteers and staff at AC&PS. Volunteers do everything from taking photos for the adoption website (as this little kitten had), to cuddling and socializing the animals while at the shelter. Volunteers also help with cleaning kennels for dogs and cats, walking dogs, grooming animals, helping the vet staff, and helping potential adopters find the perfect animal for their family. AC&PS is always looking for more volunteers, so if you are interested, please visit Friends of Jacksonville Animals to find out how!

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